A customized approach to consulting

We develop a customized plan based off experience for your practice based on your pain points. Eric Wilson specializes in the business of aesthetic plastic surgery as well as other aesthetic specialties and brings a unique set of credentials to our clients. We have planned, built, and managed plastic surgery practices in highly competitive environments. We have owned and operated ambulatory surgery centers and know the unique challenges of sound business principles with uncompromising clinical care. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the field of medical sales training and management.

is key

There are many consulting companies but few have the experience of acquiring, operating, and selling successful practices in an increasingly competitive market.

Why staffing

No surgeon can make it alone. The hiring and training of a dynamic staff is essential not only to the success of the practice but the experience of the patient.

Patient Acquisition & Sales

Business suffers when there is no method for measuring the sales funnel or training staff on how to maximize conversions at every step of the sales process. That’s why creating a comprehensive, step-by-step plan for your practice is imperative.

A unique blend of experience

Our experience allows us to navigate the difficult channels of your business and implement game-changing strategies to help you grow. We gained our knowledge by making the same decisions you are facing right now, and we know what it takes to thrive in increasingly competitive environments. Let us alleviate the burden you are facing. Taking your needs into account, we offer consulting strategies that allow you to spend more time focusing on patients and less time trying to understand your business.


Let Us Help Your Business Grow

Strong, strategic practices will not only survive the current economic climate, but will emerge from it stronger and more agile. Those who fail to adjust their strategies and evaluate the way they do business will fall prey to these challenges.

The past 5 to 7 years have arguably been the most difficult for aesthetic practices since the mid 1990’s. Eric Wilson has helped every one of its clients grow during this time, most experiencing double digit growth.


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Take Your Practice to the next echelon

Whether your needs are specific to one aspect of your practice or you need a full-service implementation of an aesthetic strategy, we can help. Eric Wilson’s comprehensive list of solutions can be tailored to ensure you develop a thriving, cash-generating practice.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your practice achieve its aesthetic goals.