We tailor our consulting services to meet the needs of your practice, whether you are starting a new practice or looking to grow your patient base and increase revenue. We partner with physicians to provide the tools, professional insight, and knowledge needed to enhance every aspect of practice management. From evaluating current marketing strategies to effective facility design and accreditation, we specialize in creating an environment geared toward the patient experience and maximizing a cash-generating practice.

Unlike other practice management companies that offer pre-determined consulting menus, we allow complete flexibility in the services you choose, including the depth of those services. Many physicians desire only some guidance and key insights yet prefer to undertake practice management improvements on their own. Others wish to completely delegate the implementation and management of improvements to our team.

Whatever level of support you need, our Vision Consulting is uniquely qualified to assists with all types of practices.

Plastic Surgery 101 – Starting Your Practice

Most physicians who start their own practices are unprepared to engage the business side of medicine. Medical schools, residencies, and fellowships excel with producing excellent surgeons. These institutions, however, fail to prepare these same professionals to successfully run a medical practice,

PLASTIC SURGERY 101 focuses on the core competencies you need to begin, or evaluate your practice, make the necessary changes, and create a thriving, cash-generating practice. [Read More]

Launch Plan

What sets us apart from other practice management consulting firms is that we have opened our own practices, invested our own money, and made our own mistakes. These experiences give us tremendous foresight and lessons learned that we pass on to our clients. Launching your practice is a time when you can avoid many issues in the future. By working with Vision Consulting before you launch your practice, you can feel confident that you have a comprehensive plan that allows you to focus on patient care rather than unexpected challenges and problems. [Read More]

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