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It is a fact of life that practices focusing on cash-paying patients must stand apart from their competition, not just in the services they provide, but in the experience they provide as well. Patients paying cash are much more selective, shop multiple physicians, and make a decision based on their experience, as well as the physician’s credentials. It is imperative that your facility look and feel different than a typical practice. Specific aspects of patient flow, aesthetics, and systems contribute to the feel that your patients are looking for.

Patient Flow

Evaluating patient flow through your practice is an important aspect of operations and patient experience. Patient flow refers to how someone is transitioned from one part of your practice to another. Optimizing patient flow should consider each step, not just from your reception area to examination rooms. Bottlenecks and wait times are important, but you should also consider what your patients see, hear, and feel along the way. Walking by a disorganized office, staff kitchen, or occupied exam room may relay a message inconsistent with the experience you wish to relay.


Your patients seek aesthetic procedures, aesthetic treatments, and other elective procedures not only to look better, but also to feel pampered and treated to something special. The interior and exterior design, furnishings, and décor of your practice are the first impressions of your practice. Without proper attention, these elements may inadvertently communicate a sterile and impersonal experience. Even the wrong wall color or flooring choice affects how comfortable and confident patients feel about their choice of practice.


System design and implementation can make or break your practice. The processes by which your practice operates, as well as how well staff follows these processes, is the difference between a well-oiled machine and chaos. Systems should be designed from the patient perspective and carefully honed to improve efficiencies, reduce unnecessary steps, and much more.

Insightful Design and Planning

The experts of Vision Consulting have not only helped practices like yours, but we have also opened and operated our own practices. We utilize our own lessons learned to give you professional guidance and key insights in the design and planning of your practice to maximize patient satisfaction.


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