ASC Planning & Accreditation

Surgical practices face specific challenges regarding the planning, set up, and accreditation of their facilities. From anesthesia contracting, to equipment purchasing, to accreditation, running and maintaining an ASC can be a daunting task tangled in red tape for physician-owned practices. However, properly planned and managed, they can be extremely profitable and the difference between “getting by” and running a thriving practice. Vision Consulting has extensive experience in this field and can handle all aspects of your ASC, saving you money and taking the hassle away completely.

Benefits of ASC Accreditation

ASC accreditation instills confidence in your patients and lays a strong foundation for your practice. Specifically, ASC accreditation does the following:

  • Attracts high-quality professional staff
  • Provides a valuable marketing tool and competitive advantage
  • Facilitates Medicare billing
  • Enhances credibility
  • Expedites payments from insurance companies
  • Potentially decreases liability insurance costs
  • Engages staff through continuing education
  • Works as a catalyst for quality improvement
  • Provides measurable benchmarks

ASC Planning

ASC standards exist for every aspect of your practice, including the following:

  • Medical records
  • Operating rooms
  • Anesthesia, IV fluids, and medications
  • Personnel
  • General safety
  • Governance
  • Quality management

The Vision Consulting experts understand ASC standards, and we evaluate your practice for compliance. We advise you on the necessary improvements and oversee the changes for you. For new practices, we integrate ASC accreditation with practice design and planning so you do not have to make changes shortly after opening.

ASC Accreditation

ASC accreditation is not a one-time investment. Your practice must maintain accreditation as well. Working with Vision Consulting means your accreditation status remains at the forefront of your practice operations as you grow.


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