Medical practices that offer aesthetic and other elective procedures face unique challenges. Although the procedures and treatments seem attractive to potential patients, your success relies on your capacity to motivate them into a decision not only to spend their money, but to do so at your practice.

Supply Outweighs Demand

In recent years, more and more men and women are turning to aesthetic treatments and procedures. Plastic surgery is more attractive because of new surgical techniques, laser and other non-surgical treatments, and minimally invasive procedures. On the surface, all of this appears to be good news for your practice. Unfortunately, the ease with which aesthetic treatments can now be performed means that more medical facilities are offering them. As a result, your potential patients can choose from an extensive list of practices. Supply outweighs demand, so your practice needs an effective strategy to attract and engage new patients.

Online Presence

The internet is now the leading resource for finding a business. Unfortunately, Google and other search engines know little about quality of care, only quality of online content. While your practice may provide the highest quality care in your area, another practice may attract more new patients simply by having a stronger online presence.

Medical Professionals: Demand Outweighs Supply

Medical professionals are in high demand and short supply across the country. Nurses, medical assistants, and other professionals have a plethora of options to advance their careers. Because the vision for your practice relies on having highly qualified, excellent medical and non-medical staff, you need a recruitment strategy that attracts the professionals you need to have a thriving practice.

Vision Consulting offers consulting and practice management services to help you overcome these and other challenges. Our services include the following:

New Practice Launch Plan

New Patient Acquisition

Staffing & Training

Patient Coordinator & Practice Manager Recruitment & Training

Strategic Marketing & Measurement

Design & Planning

ASC Planning & Accreditation

Digital Marketing Evaluation


Online Analysis

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