Staffing & Training

Finding the right staff for your practice is much more than reviewing credentials. You are, instead, building a team that constitutes a synergy toward your vision. Personality, patient approach, and many other factors must be considered. Additionally, as you build your staff, you must also be aware of and consider human resource issues, such as benefits, liability, opportunities for advancement, and much more.


Vision Consulting has the hands-on experience needed to give you practical insights and guidance, not just theory. We have opened and operated our own practices, so we know what works in the real world. Medical professionals are in high demand, so we know exactly how to attract the most qualified clinical professionals. We also understand which aspects of employment will motivate these professionals to choose employment with your practice versus a hospital, private practice, or even another field.

Payroll and Employee Benefits

You want to pay your employees well and offer exceptional benefits packages, but do you know how to process payroll and choose the best benefits for your employees? Do you want to process payroll in-house or externally through a payroll management company? Which option is most cost effective for your practice? Can you determine which type of medical insurance is most attractive for your employees? Answering these questions is daunting without the guidance and insight of the Vision Consulting experts. Through our own experience in employee payroll benefit management, we are able to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of your payroll and employee benefits options.

Employee Performance

Vision Consulting develops job descriptions, evaluations, and other tools that help you and your staff succeed. These tools go beyond just letting your employees know their individual day-to-day responsibilities. We design these tools to create motivation toward a common goal – your vision.

Human Resources

Understanding human resources laws and requirements are where many practices like yours fall short. These complex laws aim to protect employer and employee. Many practices, however, believe their practices are not at risk because staff gets along so well. One misstep, though, and your business suffers greatly. Because we have operated our own practices, Vision Consulting is uniquely positioned to advise you on human resource requirements and effective HR management practices.


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