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Vision Consulting offers an array of services from full management solutions to internet advertising and reputation management solutions. Whether you want guidance in doing it yourself or your practice needs a full-scale evaluation and strategy, we employ over 30 years of medical management experience to jumpstart your aesthetic practice.

Here are just a few of the practices we have partnered with in excellence:

“As the President of a marketing company, we are always looking for partners in other industries to help grow our client’s businesses. We have been working with Eric for a few years now and he has demonstrated not only total professionalism in his actions but also absolute competence in obtaining the targeted results.

We have seen him help clients get organized with a structured plan and smooth organization, while always continually working with the client to add to the campaigns and make them more and more proficient. He is a master at creating and implementing successful strategies, plans and programs that help manage, maximize and grow a practice. And while all that is exactly what you should be looking for out of a business consultant Eric goes the extra mile and ensures you are not reliant only on him for continued growth. There is that old saying “you can give a man a fish and you feed him for the day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This is not something all consultants are able to accomplish. However, I have seen Eric’s clients learn from him and hone in their skills to run the management and growth all on their own.

On a personal level, we also love to bounce new marketing ideas off of him and he has been extremely valuable with his knowledge and experience.

I would strongly recommend Eric to anyone who wants to grow their business while also maintaining the utmost efficiency.”

Caige Moore

“Eric Wilson has been instrumental in complementing my clinical acumen with a business strategy that has yielded tremendous growth in my aesthetic surgery practice over the last two years. Eric made me acutely aware that my proficiency in the clinical arena does not necessarily translate into lead acquisition, getting prospective patients in the door, or establishing visible online presence. Additionally, as it pertains to staffing, lead management, lead management software, and the analytics of lead management, Eric made me realize that if these components were not properly addressed, and more importantly, optimized, my practice would never reach its fullest potential.

Over the past 18 months, Eric has allowed me to take the guesswork out of marketing strategies, staffing and optimizing our office flow. He has assumed responsibility for the vetting of new hires, including ad placement, and a rigorous and very personalized pre-screening process. Eric’s uncanny ability to negotiate contracts with vendors, establish compensation plans for commissioned based staff members, as well as conduct monthly performance reviews for key team members has been invaluable.

Whether or not someone is an established surgeon, fresh out of fellowship, or wanting to make the transition to an exclusively aesthetic based practice, I am confident that Eric Wilson has the business acumen, mindset, and knowledge of the aesthetic surgery industry to make an impact that exceeds that which is merely reflected in annual revenue. Moreover, he will put in place an infrastructure that is designed to optimize workplace dynamics, minimize staff turnover, and help bulletproof your practice in the event of an unexpected economic downturn or global pandemic.

If you have reservations about hiring a consultant, I can assure you that Eric is unlike any other consultant I have personally worked with. He thinks outside the box and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. More importantly, he’s not afraid to hurt your feelings. He will remove the emotional attachment to bad business practices and tells you what you need to hear, rather than what you want him to tell you. He’s the antithesis of a ‘Yes Man’, which may bruise some egos, but it is our ego more often than not that is our biggest hindrance to growth.”

Broc L. Pratt, MD

“Eric knows how to launch a practice. Period. When I first started working with him I was about 4 months from leaving another practice as an associate and was on track to hit about 500K in annual revenue. In less than 6 months Eric had re-evaluated my marketing partners, made staff changes to put a different staff member in place as my full-time patient coordinator, and implemented a CRM to increase lead conversion. We haven’t reached our 1 year anniversary and my practice is on track to exceed 2.5 million in the next 12 months. Hiring Eric Wilson was the best decision I could have made for my practice.”

Christopher Balinger MD

“It is my pleasure to recommend Eric Wilson as a consultant.  When he started working for us, our practice was 15% cosmetic and we needed to grow the cosmetic portion of our business.

Eric analyzed our cosmetic team, recognized its weaknesses, and recreated our entire cosmetic sales effort. Eric installed a system that focuses on prospective cosmetic patients from the first contact with our practice, through the postoperative period.  Eric created an efficient, streamlined system with key performance indicators allowing us to monitor the effectiveness of our advertising efforts, employee performance, and revenue.

The result was an 85% increase in our cosmetic revenue and a 65% cosmetic, 35% reconstructive patient mix.  Eric is personable, always available, and works well with our staff.”

Lewis Ladocsi, M.D.

“Eric – I just wanted to say thank you for your input during our practice evaluation. I thought your suggestions for optimizing our growth were thoughtful and realistic and we are anxious to implement them. Having had interactions with other practice consultants in the past, your individualized approach was refreshing and certainly unexpected. Everyone in our office is excited about our ongoing relationship.”

Best wishes,
Adam Lowenstein, MD, FACS


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